Steam Cleaning Furniture Upholstery

The regular maintenance of furniture upholstery can be a difficult task. However given the constant use of the furniture, it may become a true challenge to clean all the stains, spills and dirt. You need to take a good care of the furniture upholstery to protect the good atmosphere in your home and the elegant look of the furniture. Steam cleaning is one of the cleaning techniques that you may use to maintain well your upholstery by using purchased or rented steam cleaner and some basic products. We have prepared some great tips to help you clean your upholstery.Furniture Upholstery read more »

It Is Not So Hard To Clean

It Is Not So Hard To CleanWe all know how cleaning can ruin our weekends. At workdays we are so busy and hardly ever find time to do some cleaning. Cooking and tidying takes more than enough time. Good thing there are machines to help us. We all have a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, some have dishwashers. Very helpful, especially if you have children. There are even robots that do the vacuuming for you. But no matter how fast the technology evolves, we have to do most of the cleaning on our own. read more »

Hardwood Flooring – The All-time Classic

Hardfloor CleaningI can’t think of anyone I know who doesn’t love nature. There is something so relaxing when you are surrounded by trees. It just feels right, I can’t explain why. I think that’s why many people use hardwood flooring. This is a way to bring nature into your household. Not that I agree, cutting trees to make flooring isn’t the right thing to do, if you want to reunite with nature. However I can’t deny the effect it creates when you step on a wooden floor. read more »

A Child a Pear Tree and a Story of Two Blood Carpet Stains

As a kid, I used to play a lot outside, between our blocks and the houses, we had back then a lot of green spaces, trees, grass meadows. A whole bunch of kids we were from the neighbor  Of course accident happened a lot. I was kind of wild kid, never stopping to any challenge. Used with the others to climb up a pear tree, eat as we can. read more »

Prepare Your Home For The Winter

The cold weather has already started and we need to make sure that our home is properly prepared for the harsh conditions of the winter. Having our property damaged during the cold months is something that we definitely want to avoid. When it snows outside it will be very hard to perform any repairs and the handymen are going to charge you more. Another issue that I’m going to slightly discuss here is the insulation of your home, I hope these tips will make a difference for you and your wallet. read more »

Natural Recipes For Stronger Hair

naturally-strong-hairIt is a fact that most women are literary obsessed with their outer appearance, especially with some details of it such as their hair. Everybody want a longer, stronger and healthier hair. However, that can become an impossible mission as a result of the constant dying, electric interference and curling implements. All of these makes your hair dry and damage its natural structure. Fortunately, there are several useful techniques you can use to restore your hair structure. read more »

How to Clean Curtains

Cleaning CurtainsWhen the time for cleaning comes many home owners forget to take care of their curtains. I do not know why this is happening but it’s true. So, in this article I am going to share with you a few useful tips on how to clean curtains. read more »

Clean Home and Health Problems

Your Clean Home Reduces Problems of Your Family You probably wonder how to find time for your domestic cleaning when you are working monday to friday to provide for your family. In this guide I would list some easy to implement tips that could significantly improve your cleaning routine. As you may already know surfaces in your home are constantly accumulating dust and dirt even when you are not there. Those little particles are harmful even though you can rarely see them, nowadays 25% of UK population is suffering from some kind of respiratory problem, be it asthma , bronchial complications and allergies. This figure is associated with the polluted air in the cities we live in, but keep in mind that you spend most of your time not on the street but sleeping, eating or watching TV on your couch. read more »

How to Make a Room Lighter

lighter roomIt is very unpleasant to live in dark house. But some places are dark even if you do not dark furniture and this depends on the location of the room and the size of the windows as well. But do not despair because we have a solution to offer you. Our useful tips will make your room brighter than ever. read more »

Basic Rules of Clothes Washing

Learn the Basic Rules of Proper Launder and Washing of ClothesWhen it comes to domestic cleaning chores, washing and laundering clothes is probably the easiest of them all. However, there are still certain basic rules and guidelines that should be followed whenever you are washing dirty clothes in order too achieve best results. read more »