Clean Home and Health Problems

Your Clean Home Reduces Problems of Your Family You probably wonder how to find time for your domestic cleaning when you are working monday to friday to provide for your family. In this guide I would list some easy to implement tips that could significantly improve your cleaning routine. As you may already know surfaces in your home are constantly accumulating dust and dirt even when you are not there. Those little particles are harmful even though you can rarely see them, nowadays 25% of UK population is suffering from some kind of respiratory problem, be it asthma , bronchial complications and allergies. This figure is associated with the polluted air in the cities we live in, but keep in mind that you spend most of your time not on the street but sleeping, eating or watching TV on your couch.

How Clean Home Reduces the Health Problems of Our Family

This is why clean home environment is imperative, especially if you have kids. Children are much more vulnerable to these problems than mature individuals and if you are one of those lucky to have a full house, than you probably know how much it takes to protect them even from most trivial threats. But how to maintain your house clean and tidy? Is there an easy solution for your troubles?

Building proper cleaning routine is what will allow you to organize the process and maintain healthy home environment. Take a sheet and write down all rooms in your household and below the cleaning procedures that you are performing for each of them. Then try to make educated guess on how much time it would take for you to clean it and how often do you need to perform the task. For example:

  • Living room

dusting – 5 minutes – twice a week
vacuuming 2 minutes – twice a week
steam carpet cleaning – once a year
curtain cleaning – once or twice a year
window cleaning – some do it every month but if you are not living in a polluted area twice a year may be sufficient

  • Bathroom

Swipe the floor with bleach – 2 minutes – twice a week
Clean the Tap – 1 minute – as often as you can
Clean the mirror with commercial window cleaner and swipe with microfiber cloth – 2 minutes – once a week

  • Kitchen

Oven cleaning – 5 minutes – once a week
Refrigerator cleaning – 15 minutes – once a month
Washing dishes – 10-15 minutes – daily basis

You get the idea? Do this for all rooms in your home and once the list is ready, you should have a complete maintenance schedule. Now what you need to do is choose the right timing for these task. Don’t try to be perfect with every detail, because it would take you much more time this way. The goal here is to be fast and efficient and that does not mean that everything should be polished white clean. Share the chores between family members, some may be good at vacuuming and other at washing dishes, you want the weight of cleaning tasks to be equally shared. If nobody wants to do a particular task then apply the rotation principle.

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