Make a 10 Day Schedule for Cleaning Your Home

cleaners LondonIf you work a full-time job and don’t have enough time for cleaning, how to keep the house clean? But who said that you have to do everything for one day? What if you can clean your house for 10 days – one task every day?

Cleaners London help me to prepare my 10 days challenge schedule. So here it is:

1. Clean the surfaces of your living room. Sweep or vacuum the floor, pick up all items and put them back where they belong.

2. Clean all the surfaces of your kitchen, organize all the cupboards.

3. Clean the bathroom – showers, toilet, floors, walls.

4. Clean the extra rooms such as basement, play rooms and your office.

5. Clean all windows with cleaners (or white vinegar) and newspapers.

6. Vacuum all floors and stairs in the house.

7. Organize and clean the bedrooms. Don’t skip the floors under the beds.

8. Clean all door knobs, phones and switches with a disinfectant.

9. Organize your freezer. Trash everything that has been there for more than two weeks.

10. Clean the closets (it’s a good idea to organize your clothes by colours). Clean the linen closet, arrange all towels and sheets. It’s also possible to sort all of your clothes and see if you have anything that you don’t wear and it’s appropriate for donation.

This advice, given by professional cleaning London services, should help you to organize your home in less than two weeks. 10 days are not so much in compare to the result that you will get at the end.

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