Ink Stains – How to Remove Them

cleaners BarnetInk stains don’t require a lot of supplies to be removed, in fact, rubbing alcohol is the only thing you will need to get rid of an ink stain. Usually, it would be best to use 90% isopropyl alcohol but if you don’t have any available at home, 70% also will do the work. No matter the type of rubbing alcohol, an ink stain will come much easier out of your carpet if you treat it immediately after it occurs.
Remember, when you start cleaning up the ink stain on your carpet, it is very important not to pour rubbing alcohol directly onto the stain because this way you will push the ink further more into the carpet fibers instead of getting it out. Simply, apply a little isopropyl alcohol to a white cotton rag and blot the stain.  Keep blotting until the stain vanishes or no more of it comes out of the carpet. If the stain remains, consider using a commercial cleaning solvent or hiring professionals.
Once the ink stain has been removed, make sure to rinse the cleaning solution out of the carpet. Pour a small amount of water onto the cleaned area and absorb it from the carpet using a clean cotton cloth. If you have a wet/dry vac at home, use it to extract the moisture from the carpet, as it would be less likely to damage the carpet fibers than a cloth.
Finally, dry the wet area of the carpet. Place a stack of several paper towels onto the area and press them down with a heavy book or brick. Wait for about 3 hours then remove the book and the paper towels and let the carpet air dry completely.

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