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How to Clean After Family Reunion at Home?

It is great to get together with your relatives after long time. But organizing and cleaning after family reunion is quite big task. Here is a simple plan that should help you clean after the big family gathering.

Musings on Carpet Cleaning

Carpets along with furniture and wall colours are the three building blocks of your home interior. Get any of them wrong and your home is ruined. The same holds true when you fail to keep them in clean and tidy condition. Carpets are exceptionally prone to dirt and grime. With all the dust and soil read more »

How to Get Rid of Red Wine Stains

Red wine stains may seem permanent, but in fact, they can be successfully removed as long as you act quickly, using the right supplies and techniques. The following tips can help you to get rid of red wine stains quickly, once and for all.

How to Get Coca Cola Stains Out of Carpet

Coca Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks in the whole world. If you’re one of the millions of people who are addicted to this drink, you may need a quick and efficiently way to get coca cola stains out of a carpet. Here are the steps you should follow to remove the read more »

Ink Stains – How to Remove Them

Ink stains don’t require a lot of supplies to be removed, in fact, rubbing alcohol is the only thing you will need to get rid of an ink stain. Usually, it would be best to use 90% isopropyl alcohol but if you don’t have any available at home, 70% also will do the work. No read more »