Musings on Carpet Cleaning

Beautiful CarpetCarpets along with furniture and wall colours are the three building blocks of your home interior. Get any of them wrong and your home is ruined. The same holds true when you fail to keep them in clean and tidy condition. Carpets are exceptionally prone to dirt and grime. With all the dust and soil landing on their surface it shouldn’t come as surprise to you. What’s more it may be rather embarrassing to have friends over at your place and your carpeting is dingy and stained.

To avoid unnecessary feelings of dread have in mind that carpet cleaning is not that complicated. With recent technological innovations resulting in ever more effective cleaning agents and tools and decreasing prices for professional cleaning, there is no excuse for less than a clean carpet or Persian rug. If you still feel, you can’t afford a professional cleaning service renting a steam cleaner is always an option.

Should I Call Professional Cleaners?

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to clean your wall-to-walls you need to determine whether you will use outside help or do the job yourself. Hiring an expert technician has its advantages. Putting expenses aside, most professional companies operate with state-of-the-art cleaning tools and aids. What’s more they have access to cleaning products that you can’t buy over-the-counter. Next, keep in mind that these are people with years of experience in the field. They probably have seen it all and can clean it all. They intricate knowledge of different types of stains, effective cleaning solutions and fabrics specifications.

What If You Do It Myself?

That is always on the table as an option. But before you go to buy or rent a machine you better do a little bit of research. First, it’s good to know more about the type of carpet you have in your home. Thus you will understand which is the best cleaning method to use along with cleaning products. You can find lots of videos explaining how to perform different carpet cleaning processes. Today the most effective and recommended for residential carpets is hot water extraction method. It’s also known as steam carpet cleaning.

Should I Use A Machine?

Well, if you want to extract deeply embedded dirt and dust you should use one. Otherwise, you will treat only the upper layer of the carpet without reaching into its pile. If you have deep cleaned your carpets recently but still want to clean them, you can apply the dry cleaning or encapsulation method. It involves applying dry powder which is sprinkled onto the carpet surface. After that you can use a hand brush to scrub into the carpet pile so it can bond with dirt and soil. Next you can use your household vacuum cleaner to extract dry powder and dirt alike form your carpet. However, remember that this method only refreshes your carpet without providing deeper care for it.

All in all, the best way to clean your carpet is to call a professional contractor. Although you may have to spend a tidy sum, you may rest assured that you won’t need another service at least a year from then.

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