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How to Clean After Family Reunion at Home?

It is great to get together with your relatives after long time. But organizing and cleaning after family reunion is quite big task. Here is a simple plan that should help you clean after the big family gathering.

A Child a Pear Tree and a Story of Two Blood Carpet Stains

As a kid, I used to play a lot outside, between our blocks and the houses, we had back then a lot of green spaces, trees, grass meadows. A whole bunch of kids we were from the neighbor  Of course accident happened a lot. I was kind of wild kid, never stopping to any challenge. Used read more »

High End Cruising With Kids

Cruising with the kids is a great experience but certain cruises are only suitable for older kids, simply because the vessels and the tourist company do not facilitate young children care and the crowd on board the ship is of different nature.

Backyard Playground Equipment

Kids love spending time and playing around the playground, will it be the swings, the slide or the monkey bars makes no difference as long as it’s fun. Though not all playgrounds are completely kitted out when it comes keeping children safe from injury, some have older equipment, others are not fittedwith impact absorbing surface read more »

How to Clean Your Carpet

You don’t always need professional steam cleaning to get your dirty carpets clean again. There are many cleaning solution made of common household items, that you can use to clean your carpet. Some of these cleaners offer a simple solution for carpet stains, while other a more powerful option for entire carpet cleaning. No matter read more »

Cleaning The Carpet Via The Extraction Method

To clean the carpet you can use a variety of methods that specialized firms

Carpet cleaning in the nineteenth century

Historically, carpets were of a really high value and a product of luxury that not everyone could afford.