Keeping a Perfect Jute Rug

Jute, also known as Hessian or burlap, is a natural fiber, found in clothing, luggage and furniture. That is why, jute rugs have some of the softest fibers in the world and feature a gold shine in their natural state. Jute carpets are available in various colors, shaped and patterns. Some manufacturers even mix them with synthetic fibers to create a more strong and durable carpet. Jute rugs like all other rugs, can become discolored, stained or mildewed if you do not maintain them properly. Follow the tips bellow to enjoy a good looking jute carpet for a long time.

Vacuum a jute rug thoroughly twice a week to prevent dirt and soil build ups in the fibers. Always vacuum the carpet from both sides as well as the floor underneath it. If a spill occurs use a soft brush and water to instantly clean it. If you let the spill dry, it may become very hard to remove the stain.

To clean the jute fibers, sprinkle some dry-cleaning powder onto the carpet and use a stiff bristle brush. When done vacuum the rugs. To clean solid spills, use a dull knife or spatula to scrape the spill first. Then brush the stained area with a bristle brush and finish the cleaning by vacuuming. By blotting you can clean liquid spills, avoid rubbing as you will push the liquid deeper in the carpet. In some cases club soda may be used to neutralize acidic spills. When done dry the wet area instantly.

To remove mildew from a jute rug, mix one part bleach to six parts of water in a spray bottle. Before applying it, test the mixture on a hidden part of the carpet. If discoloration occurs, don’t use the mixture. If the mixture passes the test, spray a little on the mildew, and work in with a soft brush. Dry the area with a cloth when done. To protect the jute fibers you can treat the rug with a jute sealer.

Twice a year use cleaners Heath Park based. A carpet should be good looking for a long time, and professional cleaners can make it happen. In terms of carpet cleaning Heath Park has many firms specialized in cleaning jute rugs.

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