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How to Maintain Your Rugs Properly

Rugs can be an expensive and emotional purchase. They migh last for extremely long period, becoming almost valuable part of your home as they will remind you of past times, far afield places and can conjure up happy memories. Whatever the size, shape, color and construction, there are a few tips that can help with read more »

How To Clean Textile Flooring

When it comes to flooring we all want the best, the cheapest yet most durable and high quality which requires no maintenance. If it is water and stain proof it will be perfect, but unfortunately a carpet like this doesn’t exist. And how could it, if it is manufactured the companies will bankrupt not to read more »

Prepare Your Home For The Winter

The cold weather has already started and we need to make sure that our home is properly prepared for the harsh conditions of the winter. Having our property damaged during the cold months is something that we definitely want to avoid. When it snows outside it will be very hard to perform any repairs and the read more »

How to Clean Your Carpet

You don’t always need professional steam cleaning to get your dirty carpets clean again. There are many cleaning solution made of common household items, that you can use to clean your carpet. Some of these cleaners offer a simple solution for carpet stains, while other a more powerful option for entire carpet cleaning. No matter read more »

Maintaining The Quality Of The Carpet

Having a good looking clean carpet for a long time, requires some efforts on your part. If you neglect your responsibilities, the carpet will get ruined in a couple of years. Read on to learn some useful tips on how to keep your carpet in good condition as long as possible.

How to Get Coca Cola Stains Out of Carpet

Coca Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks in the whole world. If you’re one of the millions of people who are addicted to this drink, you may need a quick and efficiently way to get coca cola stains out of a carpet. Here are the steps you should follow to remove the read more »

Cleaning The Carpet Via The Extraction Method

To clean the carpet you can use a variety of methods that specialized firms

Make a 10 Day Schedule for Cleaning Your Home

If you work a full-time job and don’t have enough time for cleaning, how to keep the house clean? But who said that you have to do everything for one day? What if you can clean your house for 10 days – one task every day?

Ink Stains – How to Remove Them

Ink stains don’t require a lot of supplies to be removed, in fact, rubbing alcohol is the only thing you will need to get rid of an ink stain. Usually, it would be best to use 90% isopropyl alcohol but if you don’t have any available at home, 70% also will do the work. No read more »

Carpet cleaning in the nineteenth century

Historically, carpets were of a really high value and a product of luxury that not everyone could afford.