Prepare Your Home For The Winter

The cold weather has already started and we need to make sure that our home is properly prepared for the harsh conditions of the winter. Having our property damaged during the cold months is something that we definitely want to avoid. When it snows outside it will be very hard to perform any repairsĀ and the handymen are going to charge you more. Another issue that I’m going to slightly discuss here is the insulation of your home, I hope these tips will make a difference for you and your wallet.

The heating system

When the outside temperatures fall below zero one thing that we definitely want to avoid is heating system fail. Maintenance of this system should be performed before the snow when you start using it actively. Just make a test run in advance so you are sure that everything is working properly, it would be nice if you call certified technician in Fulham SW6 to take a look at it at least once every two years. Just don’t wait till the last minute because you would be the 100th in line as most people actually do it too late. The same goes for the A/C system, if this is how you are heating your property, it is essential that maintenance is performed by a certified contractor every two years.

Inspect The Roof

A leak on the roof is definitely an emergency as repairs are nearly impossible when outside is already snowing. First examine the underside for any leaks, if water has poured trough a hole or a crack you should be able to see the signs, also any dark spots and mold are also sign of excess moisture. Look around the chimney as this is often a problematic area where roofs are leaking water. If you spot a leak, make measurements so you can locate the problem on the outside. Roofs often break and develop cracks because of the sheer weight of the snow on top, however there is only a slight chance for such event to happen if you have checked your SW6 Fulham roof. Just remember not to pull any acrobatics on the roof, this surface could be very treacherous, if repairs are needed call the professionals and spare yourself some broken bones.

Check The Insulation

Doors and windows should be checked for gaps, you don’t want them to leak air inside. Any gaps larger than a nickel width should be applied with caulk. A cool way to check for air leaks is to move close to the frame with a lighter and watch the flame, leaking window or door is costing you money for heat energy so try to fix them ASAP. Once you have checked the inside of your house in Fulham, go outside and look for holes and gaps. Silicone caulk would do a better job for the outside as it would not shrink.


A cool way to improve the insulation in a room is to place a carpet or a rug in it. Keep in mind that uninsulated floor is generating 10-20% heat loss. The thicker the carpet the better the insulation, additionally carpet padding allow for even greater insulation, put some more money in it because this will be investment that you don’t want to cut corners with, as it is going to stay in your Fulham SW6 home for more than 10 years. If you already have a carpet installed in your Fulham SW6 residence check how thick is the padding, is there any at all? You can ask your carpet cleaners to change the padding as most carpet cleaning companies in Fulham SW6 provide this service. Carpet cleaning is usually performed once a year and the winter season is the perfect time to do it ,because there are great deals during this time and the carpet cleaners should be responding very fast, because they have less clients during the winter. Another cool thing about winter carpet cleaning in Fulham SW6 is that the furnishings dry up faster as the moisture in the air is lower during this period.

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