How to Clean Lycra Fabric Shoes

Lycra fabric shoes

Lycra is a synthetic fabric known mainly for its superior elasticity. It is a strong material that is usually used for the production of different fabrics, garments and shoes. Did you know that the Lycra fabric is in the same family as rubber? Yes, this is true. And the good news are that this it is pretty easy to clean.

So, if you have just bought a new pair of Lycra fabric shoes and now you are wondering how to prolong their life, just take a look at the following sentences.

For the cleaning you’d better prepare – a clean soft cloth, some waterproofing spray and water.

1. You are lucky guy/gal – cleaning Lycra shoes is a simple procedure that does not require any special skills and materials. In this case, no special cleaning detergents are needed, which means that you can totally improvise.

2. To clean your Lycra fabric shoes you need to moisten a clean cloth with warm water first. Make sure that the cloth is damp, not wet. For the purpose you need to wring the cloth out to remove the excess liquid.

3. Now, you should use the damp cloth and wipe the Lycra surface to remove any stains, dirt or dust that has been collecting on the shoes. Use the waterproofing spray to prevent any watermarks or water spots from appearing on the Lycra surface.

4. My professional home cleaners strongly recommend reading the manufacturer’s instructions of your Lycra fabric shoes every time before cleaning. Follow these directions to preserve your beautiful Lycra fabric shoes looking good for as long as possible.

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