Cleaning The Carpet Via The Extraction Method

To clean the carpet you can use a variety of methods that specialized firms in carpet cleaning Chislehurst based use. The most common method used for carpet cleaning is the extraction method, it is considered the most effective and it is classified as a deep cleaning method that is why it is the most recommended by professionals. In this article we will give you some pointers on how to clean your carpet

If the carpet is located in the office or in your home, deep cleaning it twice a year for example: every six months is sufficient; on the other hand if you have pets or you are a smoker it will be better if it is cleaned at least three times a year. However most often carpets as for example the ones located in schools or day cares are supposed to be cleaned on a weekly basis and the standard cleaning could be performed daily.

Vacuuming the carpet on a weekly basis can prevent the damage of the fibers on the carpet, if you do not clean the carpet every week the soil will build up in the carpet and before you notice the carpet will be ruined. During the cleaning of the carpet make sure not to damage the floor and furnishings, try to dry the carpet as soon as possible after the cleaning, leave the doors and windows open, if you have fans turn them on so that there is a vast air draft, this will allow the carpet to dry faster. If any water damage occurs seek the assistance of a cleaning firm, in terms of fast responding cleaners Chislehurst offers a great variety of choices.

Be sure to wash off the cleaning solution thoroughly, if some residue is left there is a possibility of quick re-soiling of the carpet. Before using the extraction method, pre-vacuum the carpet using a high motored vacuum cleaner, then pre-spray the carpet with a traffic lane cleaner and wait the recommended time starting the hot water extraction. Now you can start to spray the water and the cleaning solution at a high speed, while the vacuum of the front of the spray nozzle will suck up all the dirt, soil, water and cleaning solution so that there is no residue left.

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