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Why Should we Compost?

There aren’t many people, who find the idea of composting especially good. Let’s face it, it’s not an attractive job in the least. However, there are a lot of virtues, which must be known. Maybe it would make many of them change their minds. Gardeners for example, would find composting really helpful, as they all read more »

Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

As summer goes by, people feel it’s time to prepare their garden for the upcoming cool season. After all, the plants can sense the changing weather – the temperature, the humidity, the less and less sun light during the day. So, first, when should we start preparing our garden for autumn? Wait until the last read more »

How to Get Rid of Grasshoppers in Your Garden

For most people the grasshopper is very interesting and sometimes funny creature, which most of the time is a sign for the upcoming warm weather. However, for gardeners the picture is entirely different. The grasshopper is a terrible insect, which can easily destroy your whole garden in a matter of days. These small pests can read more »

A Child a Pear Tree and a Story of Two Blood Carpet Stains

As a kid, I used to play a lot outside, between our blocks and the houses, we had back then a lot of green spaces, trees, grass meadows. A whole bunch of kids we were from the neighbor  Of course accident happened a lot. I was kind of wild kid, never stopping to any challenge. Used read more »

Welcoming Guests – Front Door Impression

The front door is the most important door in a household. It is the front door that provides a feeling of security. That is why it is very important to choose the right front door for your home. In this article we will present to you different types of doors.

Urban Architecture Goes Mobile

It’s only been a matter of time, before the old concept of urban architecture was shaken up by the new alternatives developed by creative engineers and gifted designers. The mobile lifestyle is not a future concept though, as history has shown, nomadic tribes have thrived even in the harshest of living environments because of their read more »

Spring Floral Arrangements

Spring is here and the entire flora is coming back to life, the plants and trees are blooming and blossoming, ready for another hot, sunny summer.