Urban Architecture Goes Mobile

It’s only been a matter of time, before the old concept of urban architecture was shaken up by the new alternatives developed by creative engineers and gifted designers. The mobile lifestyle is not a future concept though, as history has shown, nomadic tribes have thrived even in the harshest of living environments because of their ability to shift their living location quickly and efficiently to a better suited place without too much trouble.

Nowadays, the nomadic lifestyle practiced by modern Homo sapiens is much the same in its basics, though the driving means have changed and people are now moving places because of jobs, better accommodation, personal reasons and many more. The logical continuation of the nomadic lifestyle of the future has been the creation of a vehicle or rather a mobile home with a vehicle attached to it for added independence and mobility. This is a good idea as having the ability to move your home without having to wait for cranes and tow trucks is the whole meaning of this concept.

Some of the car manufacturers are also coming out with their conceptual designs of vehicles and mobile homes into one and critics are saying they look and feel the part, though there is still much to be desired and achieved, but all in due time. Self sustainability, reliability and small energy footprint is what mobile living is all about. The mobile home of the future should be able to produce its own energy or be powered by independent renewable power sources in order for the whole concept to actually work. Some mobile homes though don’t feature a proper designated vehicle for mobility, they are just rooms or parts of a house that can be towed and placed in a desired location for as long as necessary.

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