A Child a Pear Tree and a Story of Two Blood Carpet Stains

As a kid, I used to play a lot outside, between our blocks and the houses, we had back then a lot of green spaces, trees, grass meadows. A whole bunch of kids we were from the neighbor  Of course accident happened a lot. I was kind of wild kid, never stopping to any challenge. Used with the others to climb up a pear tree, eat as we can.    Afterwards, we raced with each other, on how far we can vomit which inevitably was going into the yard of a neighbor called, of course Mr. Smith. Subsequently, he was coming out of his house, and in order to run away with my fastest speed, every time I was jumping from the middle of the tree. And for my height back then, it was pretty tall.

  Of course the story almost every time was the same, my legs from the knees to the angles, were full with all kinds of scratches and scattered wounds. Going home after serous hard playing, I went straight on the carpet, taking some sort of animated encyclopedia and I was laying of on my belly. There fore, I was always making a blood stain on the carpets, I mean all of the carpets. You can not imagine how mad she was every time. In just 2 months of summer, I succeeded in destroying fully one big carpets, as the stains were occurring so often, so after each cleaning the carpet went more and more worn off.

   So, not to ruin another carpet, when another situation occurred of this kind, for the first time my family had decided to take avail from carpet cleaning London services. I got worn, if I do one more stain, to cut me off, of my pocket money and pay for the cleaning services. This happened to be the reason to create habit of mine to clean my legs and knees more often.

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