How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Shower Glass Doors

Shower Glass DoorShower glass doors easily get stained from water because of the everyday use of your bathroom. These stains are usually stubborn and a little bit difficult to remove, however, there are some effective methods you can try and clean your shower glass door completely removing these tough stains. Here you are how to do it.

As we all know one of the best ways to get rid of something is to prevent it from happening at all. To prevent hard water stains from building on your glass shower door, cleaners Bexley advise you to devote a few minutes every day for cleaning it. Once build on your shower door, these stains can be extremely difficult to remove, that’s why you shouldn’t allow them to settle on the glass surface. Use a cleaning sponge or a paper towel and wipe them quickly.

For removing new hard water stains from your shower glass door, you can use a dampen cloth in rubbing alcohol. Sometimes you will need a stronger solution if it comes for stains that are not recently occurred. For this purpose you will probably need a commercial stain remover in a liquid form. Dampen a cloth with it and scrub gently the stained areas on the shower door. They should disappear easily.

Cleaners Blackheath also recommend you to try removing these hard water stains with a some lemon slices. Cut the lemon and rub with its inside the stains, then let the juice sit for at least a few minutes on the door and wipe it away with a cloth.

The last possible method for the most stubborn hard water stains that should completely eliminate them is to scrub them with a chemical commercial cleaner. It can be purchased from the market and you should stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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