Alternative Architecture Goes Sweet

This is perhaps the best way to describe the look and feel of the so called lollipop house situated in one of South Korea’s cities. The house is bordering absurd some of the locals say as it is popped against a backdrop of inconspicuous beige homes that are far from architectural or engineering marvel, but fact of the matter is the lollipop house is becoming widely popular for its fresh and original design.

Although the house seems to be terribly impractical and hardly usable from the outside, a second look inside surprises critics with plenty of floor space, welcoming and well spaced out interior and room layout and an overall feeling of spaciousness and brightness.

The house itself is multiplexed on the inside, though it seems to have only two storeys from the outside, the total number of usable levels inside is actually seven – it won’t be an easy one to clean for sure. If you have a large size home that needs regular cleaning or you just need the extra help, you can rely on quality domestic cleaning in Woodford services companies provide top-notch service at very local prices, they can offer you special one-off appointments or regular cleaning Woodgreen services  local listings contain a list of reputable operators to choose from.

Having been fitted with seven different levels, the lollipop house is surprisingly functional and spacious on the inside, there are designated areas or levels for each of the rooms, so there is the living room level, the bedroom level, the attic etc.

Owners are happy with their choice of building material as it moves away from the compulsory concrete building in South Korea, they have used timber and metal as alternative construction materials and the results are great, both visually and structurally. The use of recycled metals and other similar materials has actually brought the construction bill down and the owners have saved a decent amount of money. The house is laced with the latest hydro and thermo insulation materials which make it energy sufficient – sensible thing when there are seven levels to heat or cool.

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