Alternative Stain Removers

Something as small and insignificant as a blueberry stain or barbecue sauce spot on your shirt can ruin your favourite garment for good. Fortunately, there more than one cleaning solutions that you can use to remove stains and spots from clothes. There are plenty comercial stain removers that you can use to clean almost any stain. However, the commercial products are not the only ones which can eliminated stain, because there are many alternative stain removers as well.

The club soda is one such product which can be used for stain remover. It is highly recommended that the club soda is used while the stain is still fresh and not set into the fabric of the clothing. This bubbly liquid can cause the stain to surface and thus making it easier to clean the stain.

Another product with similar qualities to those of club soda because it can eliminate the majority of known stains. Vinegar’s effectiveness against so many different types of grime is what makes this condiment so versatile and so widely used in many cleaning jobs not just stain removal. The acid nature of the vinegar makes is suitable for removing any oil-based stains.

The baking soda is also known for its effectiveness against many different types of stains. Cleaners Hackney Marshes say that if baking soda is sprinkled over a stain while it still fresh then it will absorb much of the stain thus preventing the stain from setting into the fabric of the garment. The baking soda has other cleaning applications as well. To name a few it can cut grease very effectively and eliminate any unpleasant odours.

There are many alternative stain removers and very few people of their qualities. Some of these alternative stain removers can even be used to clean other things than garments and clothes, depending on the type of stain and the stain surface.

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