Make The Cleaning Process Simple

Don’t you feel like you spend a fortune on all kinds of cleaning products for windows, counter tops, carpets, for pots and pans? I would guess, yes. Sometime good tips for optimizing household chores come from unexpected sources and from completely strangers you randomly spoke with in the grocery store for instance. And exactly those tips will make your life much easier. I will share with you such a randomly encountered advise that I hope you will find useful. It concerns two simple products every households has – vinegar and baking soda. Together those two could turn out to be great and cheap cleaning products that could be used for pretty much everything.
From time to time I would advise you to hire a cleaning company to maintain the highest appearance of your home even if you are tenant. For professional cleaning services Kingsbury households can rely on the experienced and skilled cleaning teams located in the area.
To clean window glasses you have to mix one part vinegar and one part water, spray it on the surface and wipe with a clean cloth or newspaper. For general household cleaner, combine one part vinegar and six parts water. That solution is appropriate for cleaning tiles and linoleum floors too.
To clean carpets powder baking soda over it and wait for 20-30 min before vacuuming. You may add essential oils to refresh the carpet. Baking soda can be used as deodorizer too. Sprinkle it on the bottom of the trash bin and it will eliminate the unpleasant smell.
As toilet cleaner baking soda could be used when it is mixed with lemon juice. Apply it by rubbing the whole surface without missing any spots and few minutes later use a scrub brush and run the water.
One of the kitchens nightmares is to clean the oven, but it is not necessary that you feel like that too. Mix baking soda and salt with some warm water. Use toothbrush and rub the grease and food leftovers. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy and fast it is to finish with that tedious chore.
If you clean your home on a regular basis you will keep its good appearance and it would be much easier to maintain it properly. That is essential when you live in a rental apartment or house. If you are obligated to hire a cleaning company before you move out they will charge you less because you would have already be done with most of the cleaning. For carpet cleaning Kingsbury tenants may contact one of the cleaning companies that are located there, after they have assessed the offers provided by at least a few of the firms and choose the one that fully satisfies them.

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