A Functional Master Bedroom

Homes that have large master bedrooms are ideal if you need to accommodate two children in the same bedroom, a master bedroom gives you the required living space and the necessary furniture space, along with easy access to the en suite bathroom to both occupants of the room.

Be aware that two children in the same room could mean an additional load of weekly mess and clutter to deal with, chances are that their room will take you as long as the rest of the house to clean so you may wish to use domestic cleaning South Bank house cleaning companies are well known in the area for quality work and reasonable rates. You might actually find their help quite handy on weekly or monthly basis so if necessary ask for regular cleaning South Acton households with children and busy parents are making good use of the extra cleaning help. Do some serious measuring before buying or allocating furniture to the master kids’ bedroom. Besides a bed for each child, they will also need their own toy box or chest, along with a shelf for their own art pieces or complete school assignments.

Toy chests are important, they keep the room relatively free of clutter and reduce conflict over misplaced toys or belongings. There might be a need for two wardrobes, if so place the two wardrobes next or near where the beds are, this will make things easier when quick smart dressing is needed in the morning. Depending on the age of the children a study desk will be needed for homework and reading. It will be a good idea to place desks near the beds or dressers of the kids, this will give the room a balanced look. Don’t put the beds together, space them out in two different sides of the room, this will give more privacy to each little occupant and will give the room a more spacious feel. Beds are to be put next to walls, not under or next to the room windows, this will be the smart decision for the winter months.

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