Don’t Raise Dogs in Rented Properties

end of tenancy cleaning LondonA lot of people living on rent want to have a dog in their rented properties, but their landlords don’t allow them to. Pets are wonderful, because they become your friends ad even part of your family, but they require a lot of cares and cause a lot of problems.

If you have ever had a dog, you probably know what issues these animals cause. They use your carpets and upholsteries like toilets, they leave a lot of hair all around your house, and make your place smell bad. If you don’t take the needed cares about them, your place will start looking like a dung-hill. That is why most landlords don’t allow pets in their properties.

Here are a few tips from move out cleaners in London on how to clean the mess your dog makes:

  • If you live on rent and if you have a dog, you must vacuum your floors and upholsteries every day.
  • Use a damp brush to remove the pet hair from the fabrics of your rugs and upholsteries.
  • Freshen up your soft pieces of furniture every week with a solution of two cups warm water, one tablespoon liquid castile soap, six drops lavender essential oil, quarter cup white vinegar and three drops clary sage essential oil.
  • Clean the pet stains using a proper detergent or solutions. End of tenancy cleaning London experts advise that you don’t use ammonia-based cleaners to clean urine stains. They will only make the discolourations smell worse.
  • When you remove the spots your dog left on your furniture, leave them to dry and deodorise with natural products. A mixture of potpourri and baking soda absorbs all kinds of bad odours.

These chores might sound very easy-to-be-accomplished, but believe me, you don’t want to deal with them. It is best not to raise a dog in your lodging.

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