Hardwood Flooring – The All-time Classic

Hardfloor CleaningI can’t think of anyone I know who doesn’t love nature. There is something so relaxing when you are surrounded by trees. It just feels right, I can’t explain why. I think that’s why many people use hardwood flooring. This is a way to bring nature into your household. Not that I agree, cutting trees to make flooring isn’t the right thing to do, if you want to reunite with nature. However I can’t deny the effect it creates when you step on a wooden floor.

How to Clean Hard Flooring

If you have such flooring at your house it is good to know how to take care of it. After all this is one of the most expensive types of flooring. One of the many reasons why people choose hardwood flooring is, it can last practically forever. That is of course, if the hardwood floor is well-constructed and has proper finish. You have to know how to take care of it. Although its maintenance is easy and cleaning is fast, there are some details you have to pay attention to, if you want your flooring to last.

The first thing you need to do is place small rugs at the entrance of each room. By doing so you will reduce the dirt. The fibers in the rugs absorb about 80 % of the dust in the house. If you have had a carpet you would know. If you spill anything clean it up as soon as possible. Liquid is the woods greatest enemy. It doesn’t matter that your flooring is coated with protective layer, there are still some little rifts where liquid may penetrate.

A scratched floor is an awful sight. Take some precautions! First and most important do not drag furniture across the floor, ever. This will not only cause scratches, but will peal off the protective coating. That way your floor will become vulnerable to dust and liquid. You would want to buy curtains, since sunlight exposure may discolor the hardwood’s floor finish. Moving on with the cleaning part. Use only cleaning solution specifically designed for hardwood flooring.

 Daily sweeping or vacuuming is important for your carpet’s wellbeing. Occasionally you should use cleaning agents for more thorough cleaning. If you live in Canary Wharf SE16 some professionals do not approve damp mopping, although it is unlikely to cause damage on your floor. Ask the manufacturer for an appropriate detergent or use a neutral wood cleaner. To be absolutely sure call a professional cleaning company, they know what to do to assist you!

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