How One Can Clean the Ceiling Fan?

fanDo you have a fan on the ceiling? They are likely to become an “old-school” fixture, but still are indeed nice fitting in our houses. Unfortunately most people are neglecting their cleaning, especially the blades of the fan. It is mostly because the blades are not see-able from beneath, and moreover are hard to reach. Thus it is quite challenging even to know from where to begin.

First thing first, prepare your tools for cleaning, like cleaning detergents, cloth, sponges etc. The blades of the fan itself are not made from some delicate surface that will require from you to be careful. And besides who will look at them? If you haven’t turn it on from a while. Be sure to wipe the blades as they have collected good amount of dust on them. Turning it on, would only make all the dust gone all over the room.

People who have only the basic cleaning supplies, like sponges, rags, or paper towels, should take only the material they prefer before the cleaning starts. It will be very helpful to choose whether to use a fabric that may be reused, or another one that is made for single use only. Some people are uncomfortable to use reusable items when comes to cleaning some sorts of household items.

Other are having more advanced and stronger cleaning products like microfiber cloth, that most effectively collects the dust and clean any dirt stain quite easily when used with universal spraying solution. One also could use a L or U shaped duster, ensuring cleaning the dust on the top of the blade without the use of any ladder.

You will not need any cleaning spray solution if you use a microfiber cloth, but if not and use other types like rags you would need it. Some people like the “wives” buys particularly a solution specially made just for dust and dirt from any household surfaces and counter tops.

What I want to advise you too, is to cover the floor under the fan in the room. You will not any dust to fall down, do you? A large sheet can be used for this purpose.

Also, it will be very good to wear a cap and glass protective industrial goggles while cleaning ceiling fan blades, in that way you would protect your eyes from the falling dust or any other particles. And believe me it is very unpleasant to get dust in your eyes. The employees of would tell you, that the safety comes first. 

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