The Best Eco-Friendly Fireplace On the Market


So finally you have decided to install a fireplace in your living room. Alternatively you want a fireplace which is proven to be eco-friendly as you want to ensure a safe indoor environment. If that is your case keep reading this article because we have listed down some of the eco-friendliest options on the market.

Bio-ethanol fireplaces are fueled with ethyl alcohol which is eco-friendly as it is harvested from vegetables and plant oils. These fireplaces have contemporary and sophisticated designs. The downside of bio-ethanol fireplaces is that they do not produce much heat. This is why most people use them as decorative features instead of heating sources.

Gas logs are an interesting alternative to the common fireplaces. They are fueled by natural gas or fossil fuels both of which have low emissions of fumes. However getting gas logs without having an actual fireplace is useless.

Fire logs follow the same principal as gas logs with the main different that fire logs don’t require an existing fireplace as they can function on their own. Another advantage of fire logs is that they have fewer carbon emissions than gas logs and real wood.

Pellet stoves are arguably the most popular choice when it comes to eco-friendly fireplaces. The pellet stoves are more heat efficient than genuine fireplaces, fire logs, gas logs and bio-ethanol fireplaces. Another upside of the pellet stoves is that they are very easy to operate. Also the stoves have a much lower rate of air pollution than its counterparts.

Regardless of the type of fireplace that you choose make sure that you clean it at least once a month. During the cleaning the floor in front the fireplace will most likely get stained and soiled. An easy way to remove the stains and soil is to use floor cleaning machines. You can get floor cleaning machines form any specialized cleaning hardware store or home depot.

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