How to Clean Rust Stains in a Dishwasher

dishwasher in the kitchenThis is probably a problem that many households have. The rust stains on your dishwasher are surely an annoying thing to deal with, especially if you don’t know how to clean them effectively. So, here in this article I have decided to explain the basic cleaning procedure when it comes to this cleaning task. I prefer to use a natural cleaning product, so the following recipe involves an organic cleaning solution.

As the water in London has a lot of iron in it, these rust stains can be spotted often. So, how to clean rust stains in a dishwasher? Well, first of all, you will need the following ingredients and tools: a scrubby brush with stiff bristles, a couple of lemons, baking soda and a pumice stone. These products are actually very cheap and affordable. You can find the pumice stone in any hardware store and the other products can be found in every local supermarket. So, you can proceed with the cleaning procedure, if you have all the cleaning products ready.

woman finds rust in her dishwasherAt first just remove the bottom rack and inspect thoroughly the dishwasher. Locate all the rusted areas. Most of the rust and grime is usually building up on the bottom, so make sure to start with that area. So, what we do? Firstly, take some baking soda and sprinkle it on the rusted area, then use the lemon and squeeze it on the baking soda. It will be much more easier, if you make juice from it first and then apply, but you can decide this for yourself. Then, add the vinegar to the mess as a good cleaner and disinfectant. Now, all you need is your brush. Start scrubbing the area and make sure to remove all the rust. You can go over the next area, when you are ready. At last you have to rinse thoroughly the dishwasher and get rid of all the residue.

Make sure to follow these useful cleaning steps to the letter and ensure your well cleaned dishwasher. Else you can always call professional cleaners and let them clean for you, however, the thrill comes when you do this job on your own. If you decide to call the Fantastic Cleaners, make sure to dial their number the right way, because you can easily do the mistake and call the Fantastic Gardeners for a cleaning job. You won’t be the first, nor the last one.

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