How I Did My Cleaning Today

Before writing this article I was cleaning my apartment. Well, not the whole apartment in fact – just my bedroom, but it was a proper cleaning with rearrangements of almost all the furniture and there’s no single spot left unclean, believe me. So I was there cleaning just one room for 3 hours, having 4 plastic bags with rubbish and tired of washing the clothes from the dust thinking about after tenancy cleaning I will have to do someday and I am sure my eyes were full of fear.

What is a proper cleaning for me? It’s when you walk into the room and everything is perfectly clean, there’s no single item that doesn’t belong to the room and all the shelves are in order. However, it’s easier to say than to do, especially to begin. So I started with my wardrobe. I sorted all the clothes carefully into three categories – clean, dirty and the last one that went to the poor people. No need to mix your old clothes with the rest of the rubbish, put them in a separate plastic bag and leave at the trash can outside. Mine disappeared in approximately one hour. Then I continued with the rest of the rubbish – old magazines, old notes, just rubbish – needed to get rid of all of it. After that I rearranged the rest of the stuff I had left on my shelves cleaning the dust meanwhile. Vacuum cleaning and mobbing were combined with moving the furniture as it’s really a lot of dirt under them which you don’t regularly clean.

When I will be doing my post tenancy cleaning I will probably save some time on rearranging the furniture, but also start with clothes and rubbish. However, instead of putting it back where it belongs, I’ll pack it. When all the things are packed cleaning is easier and takes less time.

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