How to Maintain Your Rugs Properly

beautiful persian rugsRugs can be an expensive and emotional purchase. They migh last for extremely long period, becoming almost valuable part of your home as they will remind you of past times, far afield places and can conjure up happy memories. Whatever the size, shape, color and construction, there are a few tips that can help with longevity and keep your rug looking its best.

Use A Rug Pad

It is often thought that main purpose of rug pads is to provide an extra layer of cushioning and to aid with grip between rug and floor. Whilst they do perform these functions, they primarily help reduce wear. Abrasion of the underside of the rug where the pile is attached, especially on a high friction or hard floor, can eventually lead to bald spots as the knotted fibers are worn away.

Rotate Regularly

Rotating regularly is a simple way of trying to spread wear around the whole rug is especially prudent in areas of high foot traffic. This can also be beneficial in places with bright sunlight which can cause colors to fade in the areas it contacts very quickly.

Avoid Stains

When something is spilled or dropped on your rug it is important to act quickly before the foreign substance has time to stain or dry. Try to scoop up as much of the spillage as possible before using paper towels or dry cloths as blotters to soak up the remaining mess. After this, it may be necessary to apply warm water and repeat the blotting process. A small amount of gentle detergent can be mixed with the water to help remove stains and then the rug can be dried using more paper towels or even with careful use of a hairdryer.

Vacuum, Carefully

importance of frequent vacuuming Dust, dirt and soil can damage the fibers of your rug therefore it is important to vacuum regularly. Take care with any fringes and delicate materials and where possible disengage the beater or brush function or raise it to minimize any damage caused. Some vacuums have sharp plastic moldings that can hook on to the fiber loops and cause further damage. In some cases it may be wiser to shake or beat the rug by hand instead of using more aggressive mechanical methods.

Professional Care

The transformation that can be achieved by professional rug cleaners such as Variety Cleaning and other cities have to offer can not be underestimated and their methods are a lot less damaging than any machine or hand washing we undertake ourselves.

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