How Should I Properly Dispose of Chemicals, Cleaners, or Medicine?

domestic cleaning LondonNEVER throw chemicals, cleaners, medicine, or any other product down your drain or into your toilet. Store them safely until you have enough for a trip to the toxic waste dump.

Researches have found unsafe and shockingly high levels of medicines in the water samples of a dozen large cities, including London. The old saying “you are what you eat” also applies to water. City municipal water systems cannot handle the overload of toxins dumped into the drainage system. Therefore, many London domestic cleaners remind that what you pour down your drains and into your toilet comes back into your water supply unless you are on a well.

If your city does not have curbside pickup for recyclable items, get your neighbours together and take turns taking recyclables to the recycle centre. Glass; plastic (except the number 6); all papers (including newspaper and magazines) should be taken to your recycling centre. Oil, paint, and any toxic chemicals, fertilizer, bug spray, and so forth should be take to the Hazardous Waste Collection Site.

Adopt the habit of marking the date of purchase of any item that might be stored for a period of time, such as cleaners, paint, spices, and so forth, on the side of the container. This tells you the age of the item and gives you a good idea of when to replace it.

If you are not sure whether a particular cleaning product is still good or not, you’d better get rid of it, as suggested by the domestic cleaning London specialists. Don’t risk your health or that of your family just to save some money from not buying a brand-new cleaner; further more, when there is so many recipes for homemade cleaning solutions you can use to keep your home looking nice and clean.

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