Eco-Friendly Travelling Gadgets

Reusable water bottles – by having at your disposal a reusable water bottle you will eliminate the necessity of buying bottled water every time you feel trusty. Even more some reusable water bottles have built-in filtration systems which purify the water you fill the up with. These bottles are ideal for travelers as they ensure that you have pure water to drink without spending extra money or polluting the environment.

Solar charger – by using a solar charger you will be able to recharge your phone, tablet, hair dryer and so on without the usage of electricity. Just contact the solar charger to your items and expose the charger to the sun. After an hour your items will be charged and you could be proud of living a more ecological life. The wind charger is similar to the solar charger and it helps you naturally charge your electrical appliances without leaving a negative impact on the environment. The only downside of these chargers is that you depend on wind which can be absent during your trip.

Voltaic converter backpacks have solar cells which store the energy of the sun and convert it into electricity. Therefore while you are out hiking or sightseeing you won’t need a socket to turn on charge your gadgets or to turn your lamp if it gets dark earlier than you’ve expected.

The wind up torch and radio are charged with kinetic energy. The more you wind up the items the longer they will operate. The only thing that you need to use the wind up torch and radio is a strong arm to wind it. Once the item is winded you will be able to use it for at least a couple of hours.

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