Earth Friendly Cleaning

green livingI used to clean with commercial products like everyone else. Until I got a severe allergic reaction to one detergent, while cleaning my oven. That was a turning point for me and since then I only preform earth friendly cleaning.

When I say earth-friendly cleaning, I actually mean more of a human friendly cleaning. Something good for the earth automatically means it is good for all of us as well. Many will ask themselves the question: Why clean green? Well, there are many good reasons to adopt it as your own method for maintaining a perfect household.

1.Doesn’t endanger your health
Commercial cleaning solvents contain many harmful chemicals. You never know, what you are allergic to, before the reaction actually occurs. Natural products on the other side, are completely safe to use, even around kids and pets. The health benefits are huge. No inhaling of toxic fumes, no touching any skin abrasive products

2.Saves money
Preparing your own cleaning products out of baking soda and vinegar, mixed with just water is cheaper than shopping from the store. You will definitely save money, you usually spend on commercial detergents.

3.You can involve your kids
When cleaning green, there is no reason, not to have your kids help you. It’s completely safe for them to take part in the process. Not only you will get the job done faster, but you’ll be also teaching them a lesson about responsibility.

Well, if you don’t have the time for it, you can always hire reputable experts like oven cleaning Bicester, to take excellent care of your place, without any traces of commercial detergents left. But in case you aren’t so busy, I recommend doing it yourself.

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