The Story of How Slip-a Designs Disciplined My Children

Footwear Slipa DesignAs a parent, the biggest challenge I have faced with my children is how to teach them not to run through the house and leave havoc in their path. That’s the thing with small children. The idea of consequences isn’t present and honestly, this is the time when you should pay more effort into teaching them the basic rules about how they should live in a house with other people. Something incredibly small is how they should treat their shoes.

As we live in an unclean area, tracking dirt and mud inside the house is an almost daily occurence and you will be certain to find dirty tracks inside the house. For the longest of times, I couldn’t teach my children to comply adn put their shoes away. Not until I happened upon the wonderful thing that is the slip-a design, which is a great product for keeping your house and children in line. Since the slip-a design can change from a mat to a sort of bag with draw strings, my children have found this to be a small toy and now not only take off their shoes in the designated area, but also pull the draw strings to catch the dirty shoes. Now, that is what I call a genuine improvement.

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