Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

autumn-gardenAs summer goes by, people feel it’s time to prepare their garden for the upcoming cool season. After all, the plants can sense the changing weather – the temperature, the humidity, the less and less sun light during the day.

So, first, when should we start preparing our garden for autumn? Wait until the last harvest, and then you can start preparing.

Here is what you should do.

Maintain your garden

Now is the time to fix some part of your garden, which you didn’t have time for.

For example, you can get rid of any dead plants.

You can fill some empty spaces. You can use shrubs for this, or other types of plants, which fancy cool weather and can grow no problem during the autumn.

Also, don’t forget to add additional compost to your soil, so your plants can have enough nutrients.

Fix your plants in containers

If you have any plants in container, which you wanted to plant outside, but kept forgetting, now is the time. Pots are comfortable as you can always move your plants indoors when the weather gets cold. Herbs are able to thrive no problem in a changing environment, just don’t forget to place them in a sunny room.

Fix your garden tools

If any of your garden tools need some maintenance, don’t forget to do it now. You may still need them for the late harvest of your garden and it’s always good to prepare for next spring as well.

Don’t forget pest control

Even though, temperatures are going low, pests won’t leave your garden just yet, since it’s still a huge source of food. Pest control London advices to always work with organic pesticides or, use natural methods only.

Of course pests don’t only infest your garden, but find their way into your home, as well, especially when they realize that your house can be a good shelter for the winter. It’s not impossible to find an early infestation. When this happens, call a professional firm, as you can’t always deal with them on your own.

Garden furniture

Your garden furniture will be stored indoors, during the winter, but for now, it will stay outside, waiting for the last bit of warm days to leave. However, it doesn’t hurt to reorganize your store room and make space for it.

Document your progress with your plants this year. It’s always fun to write down everything that happened this season and review it later. It gives tons of good ideas.

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