How to Get Rid of Grasshoppers in Your Garden

grasshopper in the gardenFor most people the grasshopper is very interesting and sometimes funny creature, which most of the time is a sign for the upcoming warm weather. However, for gardeners the picture is entirely different. The grasshopper is a terrible insect, which can easily destroy your whole garden in a matter of days. These small pests can easily jump from plant to plant and inflict severe damage to the leaves. If a gardener don’t react on time, the results might be disastrous – loss of money and food. So, in order to protect your garden from this nightmare, make sure to follow my quick tips and advice.

But let’s see how to get rid of grasshoppers in your garden effectively and without using any hard chemicals. You will mainly concentrate of natural pest control techniques.

  • It may sound like a primitive method, but it is very effective when you don’t have many grasshoppers in the garden. Pick them by hand with the help of a paper towel. Just go from flower to flower and hunt all the insects, so you can keep them from laying eggs and develop the infestation further.
  • Grow plant, which attracts the natural enemies of grasshoppers. Such flowers are marigolds and daisies that can bring robber flies to your garden. They will attack the jumping pests on sight and act as a natural defence in your yard.
  • Get some chickens or guinea hens, which usually feed on grasshoppers. Your poultry will just walk around the garden and eat the insects. Anyway, you should know that they can also eat some of your plants, so make sure to observe them closely.
  • Use chicken wire. It can block the jumping pests from reaching your plants. However, make sure to use only metal screens, because plastic or cloth covers can be easily penetrated by grasshoppers. They can easily chew through the barriers and infiltrate your planting site, especially if they are hungry.
  • grasshopper, which holds to a stemNot very effective method, but still an option. Grow shrubs and tall grass around the perimeter of your garden. The thick foliage will trap the pests and give them some hard time breaching your garden.
  • As a last option you can use insecticide in your garden area. Just make sure that it contains carbaryl, which can be brought in the nearest gardening store. Early in the spring you can apply the insecticide before migration period of the grasshoppers. You can apply it as a spray, which is very effective against young pests, according to some of the best gardeners from Staines. Just make sure to consult with an expert before using any particular type of chemical.
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