How One Can Clean the Ceiling Fan?

fanDo you have a fan on the ceiling? They are likely to become an “old-school” fixture, but still are indeed nice fitting in our houses. Unfortunately most people are neglecting their cleaning, especially the blades of the fan. It is mostly because the blades are not see-able from beneath, and moreover are hard to reach. Thus it is quite challenging even to know from where to begin. read more »

The Best Eco-Friendly Fireplace On the Market


So finally you have decided to install a fireplace in your living room. Alternatively you want a fireplace which is proven to be eco-friendly as you want to ensure a safe indoor environment. If that is your case keep reading this article because we have listed down some of the eco-friendliest options on the market. read more »

Useful Tips For A Clean And Tidy Home

Clean and Tidy Home

We all want to have a clean and tidy home with minimal efforts, after all cleaning is not the first thing that comes into our mind when we get back from another hard day at the office. And this routine repeats every single day of the week, which leaves us the weekends to do all the accumulated during the week work. We often ask ourselves if there is another way – how can we make cleaning less time consuming and easier. read more »

How to Clean After Family Reunion at Home?

Family Gathering

It is great to get together with your relatives after long time. But organizing and cleaning after family reunion is quite big task. Here is a simple plan that should help you clean after the big family gathering. read more »

How To Clean Stains From Upholstery

Beautiful Upholstery

When you decorate your home, you do everything to make it perfect after all you’re going to spend a lot of time there. Most of the attention and budget goes to the living-room because your guests will be there and you just want to make it pretty. There are so many types of upholstery, varying form fabric and colours. There isn’t a universal cleaning recipe for all of them, you have to look for the specific fabric and the cleaning procedure. read more »

Removing Deodorant Stains from Clothing?

clothYou know what pisses me off really, when you prepare yourself, and the last thing that you want are some nasty stupid stains, but here they are …. after spraying deodorant, it leaves marks all over your clothes. This is ridiculous in such a moment. Another thing, it can be quite work to remove these stains. read more »

Musings on Carpet Cleaning

Beautiful CarpetCarpets along with furniture and wall colours are the three building blocks of your home interior. Get any of them wrong and your home is ruined. The same holds true when you fail to keep them in clean and tidy condition. Carpets are exceptionally prone to dirt and grime. With all the dust and soil landing on their surface it shouldn’t come as surprise to you. What’s more it may be rather embarrassing to have friends over at your place and your carpeting is dingy and stained. read more »

How to Clean Lycra Fabric Shoes

Lycra fabric shoes

Lycra is a synthetic fabric known mainly for its superior elasticity. It is a strong material that is usually used for the production of different fabrics, garments and shoes. Did you know that the Lycra fabric is in the same family as rubber? Yes, this is true. And the good news are that this it is pretty easy to clean. read more »

Improvement of The End of Tenancy Cleaning

nice homeIt really does not matter if we want it or not but at some point the time for us to change our tenancy comes. This is a mixed blessing however, as we need to risk our not perfect but stable position at the moment, knowing our current home well, therefore knowing where the surprises can come from and to move to another place without knowing what to expect there. However, sometimes this is necessary which means performing a huge end of tenancy cleaning procedure.

So, how to make the end of tenancy cleaning easier by following several simple but crucial tips from cleaners from Camden? read more »

Make Your Tenants Happy. House Cleaning Tips

A clean new living-room.As a property owner you probably want your tenants to be happy. In fact, making them happy means a better income for you. The following lines offer you some really good tips for making your tenants happy. read more »