Make a 10 Day Schedule for Cleaning Your Home

If you work a full-time job and don’t have enough time for cleaning, how to keep the house clean? But who said that you have to do everything for one day? What if you can clean your house for 10 days – one task every day?

Ink Stains – How to Remove Them

Ink stains don’t require a lot of supplies to be removed, in fact, rubbing alcohol is the only thing you will need to get rid of an ink stain. Usually, it would be best to use 90% isopropyl alcohol but if you don’t have any available at home, 70% also will do the work. No read more »

How I Did My Cleaning Today

Before writing this article I was cleaning my apartment. Well, not the whole apartment in fact – just my bedroom, but it was a proper cleaning with rearrangements of almost all the furniture and there’s no single spot left unclean, believe me. So I was there cleaning just one room for 3 hours, having 4 plastic bags with rubbish and tired of washing the clothes from the dust read more »

How to Clean Windows with Homemade Solution

Windows are good to be cleaned at least twice a year –  once in spring and once before winter. Clean windows mean a brighter and more welcoming home. It is not hard to clean windows but it should be done properly, otherwise they will quickly become dirty again. Make your own window cleaning solution at read more »

Carpet cleaning in the nineteenth century

Historically, carpets were of a really high value and a product of luxury that not everyone could afford. read more »

How to Clean Copper with Natural Products

Many household items, ranging from cookware to statues, are made of copper and they require regular cleaning and maintenance to be kept looking new. It is important to polish your copper items on a regular basis, as copper tends to become dull over time. While you can use commercial cleaners to preserve the presentable appearance read more »

Maintenance cleaning – quick and easy

When having a regular cleaning done periodically, you need just 10 to 15 minutes from time to time to maintain the order you have for all your things and the tidiness of the rooms you got as a result.

How to Clean Ceramic Tile with Bleach

cleaners Shepherds BushCeramic tile is a durable material that most commonly is placed in bathrooms and kitchens as flooring, walls and countertops. Because of the daily use that these two rooms are subjected, your ceramic tile may need cleaning quite frequently to be preserved stain- free and attractive. Also, by cleaning your ceramic tile regularly and thoroughly, you will keep germs away from your home. read more »

Five Easy Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

“We all spend a great deal of time in our office. But when it comes to cleaning, we usually think first of our kitchen or bathroom. But keeping our office clean and tidy is of equal importance. It will have several positive effects: the office will be free of bacteria and germs, the risks of getting ill are fewer and your clients, colleagues or managers will be impressed when entering your place. Here you can read five simple steps that will help you keep the office in order. read more »

Greetings from Call a Cleaner!

Have you ever wanted to discover a blog where is gathered all knowledge of professional cleaners? Well, I have great news – you’re on the right place! Call a Cleaner is an endless source of information that you may use any time when you need a piece of advice. Do you want to know how to remove effectively an old blood stain or some rust? Here you’ll discover how to do it. But this is not all! We’ll share with you many other great green cleaning recipes and plenty well-tried solutions. So, if you need some help, just check in our blog and discover how to handle any cleaning issue.

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