Plan Your Cleaning

Start by doing your everyday chores, such as decluttering, washing the dishes and etc. This way you won’t allow the daily tasks to accumulate. Once you have taken care of your daily tasks, grab a cloth and clean the living room. Cover the wooden furniture and wash the upholstery of the sofa and armchairs. Vacuum the carpet and place all of the scattered around objects where they belong. End the day with a hot cup of tea. read more »

A Place For Everything

Have you ever noticed that a bad morning almost always hints for a bad day as well? If you had a stressful morning you might very well end up feeling the same way during the whole day. If you are late again for work or an appointment just because you can’t find the car keys, your purse, watch, mobile phone, it’s about time to put the house in order. Try to find a permanent place for your everyday needed items and things will go better. You should advise the other family members to use the same places as well. read more »

What you Need to Know about Oven Cleaning

The oven is the most essential appliance of your kitchen. Since ancient (even prehistoric times) times, the mother of the family was the one who maintained the fireplace and in these days, it’d the duty of the housewives or the husband, in many cases specifically in the Western world. Your oven deserves a lot of read more »

How To Put Your Closet On a Diet

Everyone has a set of several favourite skirts, tops and jeans that she simply cannot help but wear а little bit too often than the rest of her clothes. They make us look younger and fitter; they accentuate on our straight and feminine shoulders or underline our perfectly slim waist. However a lot of our clothes remain ignored, lying lonely on their hangers, or even hiding in some bottom drawers of our wardrobe. Do you really need those old faded T-shirts or those blouses that never seemed to have fit you anyway?  Why waste valuable space when you don’t even wear them that often or at all as a matter of fact. It’s time to put our wardrobe on a diet. read more »

Conduct Deep Cleaning In The Easiest Possible Way

Winter is coming to its end and spring will soon arrive. As good as it might sounds a spoil factor is also present, namely the deep spring cleaning. It shouldn’t make us panic. Organize the process better this time and much prior to its execution. read more »

Clutter That We See On The TV

Today life is so intense and unpredictable. People have to multitask if they want to be respected professionals, good parents, maintain their home and actually have a social life. Sometimes delegating your responsibility is the only way to cope with everything. A cleaning company could be of great help.

How to Clean Your Carpet

You don’t always need professional steam cleaning to get your dirty carpets clean again. There are many cleaning solution made of common household items, that you can use to clean your carpet. Some of these cleaners offer a simple solution for carpet stains, while other a more powerful option for entire carpet cleaning. No matter read more »

Men And Cleaning Chores

Don’t you wonder why household chores and cleaning activities are like a taboo for men? They can easily change the car’s oil, install a security system or thermostat in their homes and manage with much more difficult things but the idea of dusting the kitchen shelves make them completely numb. The mere sight of a vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher paralyzes them. One is for sure – it is much easier for them to contact a cleaning company. read more »

Make The Cleaning Process Simple

Don’t you feel like you spend a fortune on all kinds of cleaning products for windows, counter tops, carpets, for pots and pans? I would guess, yes. Sometime good tips for optimizing household chores come from unexpected sources and from completely strangers you randomly spoke with in the grocery store for instance. And exactly those tips will make your life much easier. I will share with you such a randomly encountered advise that I hope you will find useful. It concerns two simple products every households has – vinegar and baking soda. Together those two could turn out to be great and cheap cleaning products that could be used for pretty much everything. read more »

How to Clean Football Boots

I’m sure that after each game, your football boots look horrible and dirty, especially if the area was muddy, during some of the winter months. If you want to learn how to clean football boots, in this article you will find some tips, given by the cleaners London who will explain to you the best read more »