How To Put Your Closet On a Diet

Everyone has a set of several favourite skirts, tops and jeans that she simply cannot help but wear а little bit too often than the rest of her clothes. They make us look younger and fitter; they accentuate on our straight and feminine shoulders or underline our perfectly slim waist. However a lot of our clothes remain ignored, lying lonely on their hangers, or even hiding in some bottom drawers of our wardrobe. Do you really need those old faded T-shirts or those blouses that never seemed to have fit you anyway?  Why waste valuable space when you don’t even wear them that often or at all as a matter of fact. It’s time to put our wardrobe on a diet.

Some clothes usually don’t fit or match our style of clothing. They might be a present from friends or relatives, or bought when we were younger and slimmer. It’s better to get rid of them and free some space for new ones. We can collect all these clothes and donate them or throw them away if they are not in a good condition.

You could divide the clothes into several piles: one for repairing, a second for donation, and third for trash. Thus your reorganization will go quickly and smoothly. When you’re done you could dream a little bit of what clothes you are to buy to make it up for the freed space. Consider what clothes you need as it comes to work and for your favourite free time activities. Learn the colours that are recommended by stylist for the next spring. When you buy new items stick to your personal style. When choosing a piece of cloth consider whether you have a matching piece to wear it with. Don’t buy clothes only because they are currently on sale. It’s better to have something more expensive that you love than spending on countless items that you will never wear.
Cleaning out your closet and building a functional wardrobe could be done during the cold winter days. When spring comes you will be busy with the deep cleaning of the whole house. Spring cleaning is a hard job, but don’t panic. The perfect solution is to set your cleaning package from the wide range of  the professional carpet cleaning New Cross cleaning companies offer. A professional cleaning services New Cross is proud of will save you much time and efforts.

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