Plan Your Cleaning

Start by doing your everyday chores, such as decluttering, washing the dishes and etc. This way you won’t allow the daily tasks to accumulate. Once you have taken care of your daily tasks, grab a cloth and clean the living room. Cover the wooden furniture and wash the upholstery of the sofa and armchairs. Vacuum the carpet and place all of the scattered around objects where they belong. End the day with a hot cup of tea.

If you are a busy person who doesn’t have enough time to conduct an end of tenancy cleaning before leaving the rental unit, there are two options to handle the problem: you could either hire cleaning services Shooters Hill based, to conduct the cleaning for you. In terms of carpet cleaning Shooters Hill has many companies offering the service. Or you can plan your cleaning and clean regularly everyday an area of the rental unit, until the property is thoroughly clean.

The next day, clean the closets. Empty your wardrobe and choose which clothes you will keep, the rest put in boxes either for donation or to throw away. Same principal applies to your bookcases. Continue the week cleaning plan by taking care of the bedroom. Wash the bedding and make sure to wipe down the accumulated dust from the bed frame. Also clean of the furnishing that is in the bedroom and don’t forget the clean the bedroom flooring.

Leave the kitchen and bathroom for the last day. Make sure to clean all the soap scum build-ups in the bathroom. Empty the kitchen cabinets and wipe them clean. Don’t be careless with the kitchen amenities, make sure to clean them properly from all sides including inside and beneath them.  End the cleaning with a floor mopping and window washing from both sides.

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