Fake Cleaning

Not every tenant has the time to conduct a proper end of tenancy cleaning or the money to hire cleaning services Hackbridge based to do one. Although they are aware that by not conducting a final cleaning they will lose their deposit, they settle with the idea, given that they do not have the time to perform the requested task. Of course a tenant can at least try to fake the results of a thorough cleaning, so here are some tips on how to put a basic effort into cleaning when moving out.

Let’s begin with the living room. You can flip over the sofa cushions so that they appear as clean as possible. If the cushions have pet hair on them, just wet the fingertips of some rubber gloves and pass your hand over the sofa. The hair will stick to the rubber. Pull the curtains of the windows so that the dirt gets hidden.

In the kitchen fold the towels to hide the stains and declutter the fridge by taking down notes, drawings and magnets. Cover any unpleasant aroma by boiling nutmeg or cinnamon and orange peels in a sauce-pan on the stove.

The bathroom is tricky, but still can be managed by gliding a sticky lint roller over the bath mat to pick up the hair. You could also hang a fluffy bathrobe on the top of dirty towels. Throw away every unneeded cosmetics and hairstyling products. Wet the bath tub and shower, when they are wet they look much cleaner than they are in fact, because the water gives a more shinny look to the bathroom.

Mop quickly the floors, if the floors appear clean, the landlord will presume that the carpet is clean also. Dust off only the big drawers as they are most likely to be inspected. Empty the garbage bins and clean the driveway. Make sure the yard is debris free, even if the grass is not mowed it won’t be eyesore if there aren’t any leaves and garbage.

Still if you have the means to hire professionals to do the end of tenancy cleaning contact them. In terms of end of tenancy cleaning Hackbridge has many companies offering the service at very affordable prices.

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