Basic Rules of Clothes Washing

Learn the Basic Rules of Proper Launder and Washing of ClothesWhen it comes to domestic cleaning chores, washing and laundering clothes is probably the easiest of them all. However, there are still certain basic rules and guidelines that should be followed whenever you are washing dirty clothes in order too achieve best results.

1. Sort Out Clothes

Sorting out the clothes is highly important and is one of the most basic rules of the whole chore. You cannot put the dirty clothes in the laundry machine and turn it on, otherwise you might damage and ruin your clothes. Before you start washing the clothes, you should first sort them out according to the signs on their labels.

  • Clothes with “Hand Wash” and “Dry Cleaning” symbols on their tags don’t belong in the laundry machine.
  • Delicates and Non-delicates should be washed separately.
  • Whites should be washed only with whites
  • Light Colours (yellow, light blue, tan) and Dark Colours (dark blue, black, etc.) are also laundered separately

2. Choose the Laundry Detergent

Picking up the right detergent to use to wash the dirty clothes is very important step of the whole chore. There are several factors that should be taken into account whenever you are doing the laundry. However, the most important ones are: the type of fabrics you are going to wash and the type of machine you are going to use to wash the clothes. For more information refer to the labels on the garments and the manual guide of the washing machine.

3. Using Additives

Although it’s not mandatory to use additives when washing the clothes, London domestic cleaners recommend their use. But before you add any laundry additives to the washing cycle you should learn what purpose each of them serves

  • Fabric softeners – as the name gives it away such products make the fabrics softer.
  • Bleach – used only on white clothes, it’s used to remove spots and stains from white fabrics and make them brighter.
  • Colour-Safe Bleach – special type of bleach used only for coloured garments. It comes in two substances liquid or powder.
  • Pre-treats – such additives are used only if the clothes you are about to wash are heavily stained and the stains don’t come out in the ordinary washing cycle. Pre-treats should be used before putting the clothes in the laundry.
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