Five Interior Design Trends Which Are Getting More and More Popular


Home décor is an interesting subject and it fascinates the majority of homeowners. If you share the same enthusiasm here you could check the newest trends in the world of interior design.

Manly interior designs – today men are spending more and more time in their homes.

This motivated the elaboration of the so-called “manly” branch in the world of interior decoration. Until now interior designers designed homes in a more feminine way due to the fact that women tended to stay at home and manage the household while the men went to work. However with men-women equality today a man spends as much time as his spouse at home. Respectively some interior designers are currently implementing more masculine designs involving the usage of dark toned colors and more aesthetic layouts as these also seem to affect virtual property tours for real estate.

DIY features

During the last decade more and more designers began using DIY decorative items in their projects. Such innovative approach is becoming and more and more popular because it allows homeowners to make their own unique decorative items which saves them money and allows them to showcase their imagination and creativity.

Warm and comfort

During the last couple of years the leading interior design tendency is to create designs which bring about a warm and comfortable ambiance. To achieve this effect designers use mainly wood and suede materials.

Embroidered and knitted items

Nnowadays homeowners and designers are implementing more and more embroidered and knitted items such as carpet, chairs, tables, banners, framed knitted artworks, and etc. By using such items homeowners and designers are able to create cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Even more according to studies knitted and embroidered items are much easier to keep clean. For example knitted carpets can be easily cleaned by the usage of carpet cleaning machines. You can get top notch carpet cleaning machines from any specialized cleaning hardware store.

Stripes are getting more popular than ever.

Today designers are using various sized and colored stripes to add playful touches to their projects. Even more they are using stripped features such as wallpapers, carpets, upholstery, artworks and etc to create various visual illusions.

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