How to Deal With Suspicious Vendors When Shopping With Coupons

shoppingPeople who use coupons are often given a hard time by store employees because of the various frauds that are related to coupons. However not every coupons user is a conman who is trying to cheat the stores by using false coupons. If you use coupons and you have been a subject of bad attitude from store workers here are some tips that will aid you deal with such unpleasant situations.

First you should be prepares for such a confrontation. Before you hit the stores remind yourself that you are doing nothing wrong. Then read carefully the content of the coupons that you are going to use. Read every text on the coupon including the fine print. This way you will know exactly what kind of products you could use them for, you will be well aware of the actual value of the coupons as well as the terms of usage and its actual expiration date. By learning all these details you will be able to make valid argument against the suspicions of the vendors.

Once in the store if the vendor starts an argument try to remain calm and don’t treat the store worker as an enemy. Making a scene won’t do you any good and even more you may get banned from the store. Instead try explaining to the vendor why you have the right to use the coupon. Keep in mind that the cashier can be new and inexperienced with coupons. For example some vendors cannot make a difference between a manufacturer’s coupons that allows you to get particular products such as floor cleaning machines for free and store coupons which allow you to use discounts when you are purchasing various products such as floor cleaning machines.

If after a while you cannot reach an agreement with the vendor who is blindly refusing the fact that you are in your right simply collect your coupons and leave. You will find another store where you won’t be treated as a criminal and maybe that’s the place where you’d go on your next coupon tour.

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