5 Essential Things You Need To Know About Vacate Cleaning Appointments

Moving out from a flat may look easy but it can sometimes get way too messy and you can invest a lot of your time and nerves in it. This is why many people chose to use cleaners Broadgate guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning services and be secure that the property will be in immaculate condition and they will get their deposit back.Being on the safe side when moving out is a good thing as if you lose all of your temper while you are still vacating your old property you will double the tension when moving in the new place as that also involves a lot of decision making and headaches. However, if you are inexperienced in move out cleaning here are the 5 essential rules you must know in order to be prepared for it:

Rule # 1: Call your landlord or real estate agency at least a month in advance so they can be prepared  and start looking for new tenants. This is a clause in every contract for home rental, so if you fail to do it you must pay the rent for 1 more month anyway.

Rule # 2: Arrange a junk removal service after the end of tenancy cleaning. Believe it or not, there will be so many bags of trash and stuff you decided to throw that your bin will be less than enough to say the least.

Rule #3: Book an individual inventory clerk to do the check out inspection and write a report if everything is in order. Be careful with your choice here as your deposit refund will depend on the opinion of this person about the property you were living in.

Rule # 4: Check if the cleaners Brockley company you have chosen has a public liability insurance. If not then choose another one and book it.

Rule #5: Appoint a key drop off not more than a day after the inspection as if you slow the things down and the real estate wants to see the place a
week later, for example, it will be dusty again.

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