Getting Rid Of Pet Related Smells When Moving Out

When moving out of a rental unit, it is very important to get a good reference from the landlord to present it to the future landlords you will contact. That is why, maintaining the property in top condition is important, especially if you have a pet, and the landlord has been pet friendly. That is why when conducting the end of tenancy cleaning, you have to make sure that no pet damage is left behind. There is however an aspect that not many tenants consider: the pet odor that could be sensed in the property. In this article, you will learn how to clean and get rid of the pet related smell in three different ways:

–    Vinegar and baking soda method – when the pet has urinated in the house, soak the urine with a paper towel as quickly as possible. Create a mixture of one part baking soda and three parts water, and pour it in a bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the two substances well. Then get a cloth and apply the paste to the area. Next use distilled vinegar over the paste and clean up with a dry towel. Do not repeat the procedure more than twice, or you will risk damaging the area. When done make sure to properly dry the place.
–    Listerine method – just mix water with Listerine and apply it on the area. Damp the moisture with clean towels and make sure to dry the area completely.
–    Corn starch method – this method is quite simple, just spray or sprinkle corn starch over the urinated area and use water to clean it. Dry carefully as usual, after the area has dried the odor should be gone.

Even if you take care every time of such problematic spills still some residue odor may be left. That is why the use of professional cleaners Harlesden based is highly advisable. It is better to pay the cleaners fee than to lose your security deposit. In terms of carpet cleaning Harlesden has many companies that can deal with pet stains and smells.

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