Rug Sale – It Is Time For Grabs

Rug sale – the long awaited momentous happening. Most of these sales take place after Christmas and throughout January. Sales can save you some money on fancy rugs seen in the Christmas catalogue, but keep in mind that a private rug sale can be just as lucrative if not more, people moving houses or renovating their place can come up with some wicked rug deals so keep an eye for those classifieds. If going for a private sale, be sure that your measurements are right as there is no 30 day return policy if the rug doesn’t fit. If necessary bring a colour photo of the room you wish to arrange and match it against the rug you’re about to purchase. If you wish to buy a rug from a store through a sale then here are a few tips that can help you choose and pay right.

First of all, try and buy from a retailer that stocks straight from the manufacturer try and eliminate the middle men as much as possible – this will save you a lot of money. Choose the rug carefully, pick the texture and material right, don’t forget that later on the rug will have to be subjected to some professional carpet cleaning Stanmore pro cleaners are good with oriental rugs and will generally do a good job but nevertheless pick a good rep company. When choosing a rug from a sale, get a feel of why the rug is being sold so cheap – is it really a blow out sale or is this batch of rugs with faulty stitching for example and needs to go. This will generally be determined by the reputation that usually precedes the retailer –a good store is a good store. Internet opinion sites can help you choose your reputable retailer. Will the rug live up to your expectations? If it is to be placed in a high traffic area try and predict wear and tear patterns, how will it handle pro cleaners Stanmore companies advise that some cheaper rugs can’t handle cleaning very well so take your time when choosing.

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