Cleaning Practices to Avoid

Home cleaning is a really demanding task. Every housekeeper is free to develop his/hers own cleaning practices. The good homeowner makes sure to avoid the poor methods. From then on, finding the proper practices is not far away. This is why learn which are those poor methods to avoid and tailor your own cleaning style.

When it comes to poor cleaning practices we cannot forget to mention windows cleaning. As it is quite hard even without the involvement of the poor practices, it is even more important to do it properly. Cleaning the windows under the sunlight is certainly a poor method.

Shampoo washing a carpet without having initially vacuum cleaned it is a poor practice. It is important to remove dust, dirt, etc. before applying any kind of methods that involve the use of water. The same goes when it comes to stains – first scrape as much of the stain as possible.

Another poor home cleaning practice is cleaning bottom to top. No matter where or what – every kind of cleaning should be done the opposite way. Simple as that – you do not want gravity as your enemy as no one has ever beaten it. No risk of dirt from above falling on the just-wiped surfaces.

A good London cleaner will always advise to follow a schedule for cleaning. In this direction, a poor practice is procrastination.

A poor practices as far as time-saving is concerned is repeatedly cleaning places that have recently been done and do not really need attention at this stage.

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