How to Make Your Home-made Silver Polish

London cleaningIf you want to find the best cleaning agent that will help you to make your silver jewellery shiny again, then have you ever thought about making your own home-made silver polish?! If this idea have never passed through your mind, then think about it! In this way you will not only save money, but will preserve your health from the poisonous chemicals that most commercial silver cleaning solutions contain.

One important thing that you should keep in mind while cleaning silver accessories is that some of them can have sensitive stones that usually require special treatment. In situation like this, you should gently rub the stone with some mild detergent. However, to maintain the rest of your silver jewellery, you just can make your own home-made silver polish. And our cleaning London professionals will tell you how exactly you can do this.

1. Firstly, you have to prepare the working area and all materials that you will need for the cleaning. It would be good to pick some flat surface as a working place and do not forget to wear rubber gloves. Pay extra attention to not spill some ingredient.

2. Begin by mixing 2 cups of cold water, ¼ cup of alum powder and the same amount of talcum powder. Mix well.

3. Then you have to add ½ of turpentine and ammonia into the mixture. Stir again and take an open plastic bottle, inserting a funnel into it. Pour the mixture into the bottle and be careful to not spill it.

4. Use an air-tight cap to close the bottle. When you do not use it, store your home-made silver polish in a cool dry place.

5. London cleaning experts recommend shaking the home-made silver polish well every time before using it.

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