Why Having Doormats Is Important

Debris and moisture tracked from the outdoors are the number one enemies of flooring and carpets. The first line of defense against those enemies is the doormat, which is often underestimated, but in fact having a doormat means less sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. read more »

Maintaining The Quality Of The Carpet

Having a good looking clean carpet for a long time, requires some efforts on your part. If you neglect your responsibilities, the carpet will get ruined in a couple of years. Read on to learn some useful tips on how to keep your carpet in good condition as long as possible. read more »

Keeping a Perfect Jute Rug

Jute, also known as Hessian or burlap, is a natural fiber, found in clothing, luggage and furniture. That is why, jute rugs have some of the softest fibers in the world and feature a gold shine in their natural state. Jute carpets are available in various colors, shaped and patterns. Some manufacturers even mix them read more »

Getting Rid Of Pet Related Smells When Moving Out

When moving out of a rental unit, it is very important to get a good reference from the landlord to present it to the future landlords you will contact. That is why, maintaining the property in top condition is important, especially if you have a pet, and the landlord has been pet friendly. That is why when conducting the end of tenancy cleaning, you have to make sure that no pet damage is left behind. read more »

How to Clean Kitchen Grease

Cleaners LondonGrease stains are probably the most common stains that you can find in your kitchen. And we all know that these spots can be really annoying. So, what do you have to do to get rid of them?!

read more »

Fake Cleaning

Not every tenant has the time to conduct a proper end of tenancy cleaning or the money read more »

Dealing With Bad Tenants

Irresponsible and careless tenants are any landlord’s biggest scare. A bad tenant can really make a landlord’s life quite miserable, because of the distasteful acts that they could commit such as not paying rent, destroying the property and its contents, using the rental for illegal activities and allowing all kinds of environmental hazards. Fortunately there are some methods which could help a landlord minimize the possibly of such misbehavior.   read more »

How to Get Coca Cola Stains Out of Carpet

Coca Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks in the whole world. If you’re one of the millions of people who are addicted to this drink, you may need a quick and efficiently way to get coca cola stains out of a carpet. Here are the steps you should follow to remove the read more »

How to Make Your Home-made Silver Polish

If you want to find the best cleaning agent that will help you to make your silver jewellery shiny again, then have you ever thought about making your own home-made silver polish?! If this idea have never passed through your mind, then think about it! In this way you will not only save money, but read more »

Cleaning The Carpet Via The Extraction Method

To clean the carpet you can use a variety of methods that specialized firms read more »