Eco-Friendly Travelling Gadgets

Reusable water bottles – by having at your disposal a reusable water bottle you will eliminate the necessity of buying bottled water every time you feel trusty. Even more some reusable water bottles have built-in filtration systems which purify the water you fill the up with. read more »

Don’t Raise Dogs in Rented Properties

end of tenancy cleaning LondonA lot of people living on rent want to have a dog in their rented properties, but their landlords don’t allow them to. Pets are wonderful, because they become your friends ad even part of your family, but they require a lot of cares and cause a lot of problems. read more »

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Shower Glass Doors

Shower Glass DoorShower glass doors easily get stained from water because of the everyday use of your bathroom. These stains are usually stubborn and a little bit difficult to remove, however, there are some effective methods you can try and clean your shower glass door completely removing these tough stains. Here you are how to do it. read more »

Alternative Architecture Goes Sweet

This is perhaps the best way to describe the look and feel of the so called lollipop house situated in one of South Korea’s cities. The house is bordering absurd some of the locals say as it is popped against a backdrop of inconspicuous beige homes that are far from architectural or engineering marvel, but fact of the matter is the lollipop house is becoming widely popular for its fresh and original design. read more »

Urban Architecture Goes Mobile

It’s only been a matter of time, before the old concept of urban architecture was shaken up by the new alternatives developed by creative engineers and gifted designers. The mobile lifestyle is not a future concept though, as history has shown, nomadic tribes have thrived even in the harshest of living environments because of their ability to shift their living location quickly and efficiently to a better suited place without too much trouble. read more »

Pre-Olympics Preparations

event cleaning services LondonYou probably think that I’m going to talk about the preparations that the organisers of the Olympics have made. Well, I’m not. I will give you some advice on how to prepare for the event of the year, as it is a chance for you to earn some money. read more »

Trends In Infill Housing

Infill housing is gaining momentum and growing in popularity amongst builders and home buyers. As neighbourhoods are growing larger more residents are flocking to good areas in demand of a decent place to live. This in turn is pushing developers and builders to make more use of infill building, which simply means that they are now successfully utilizing smaller plots of land for more versatile residential projects. Space constrictions are pushing developers to built homes on odd shaped blocks of land thus having to exercise their ingenuity and flexible ideas. read more »

5 Essential Things You Need To Know About Vacate Cleaning Appointments

Moving out from a flat may look easy but it can sometimes get way too messy and you can invest a lot of your time and nerves in it. read more »

Spring Floral Arrangements

Spring is here and the entire flora is coming back to life, the plants and trees are blooming and blossoming, ready for another hot, sunny summer. read more »

Backyard Playground Equipment

Kids love spending time and playing around the playground, will it be the swings, the slide or the monkey bars makes no difference as long as it’s fun. Though not all playgrounds are completely kitted out when it comes keeping children safe from injury, some have older equipment, others are not fittedwith impact absorbing surface underneath. One way parents can deal with the problem is to install their own playground for the kids in the comfort and safety of their own backyard. read more »

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