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How to Clean Curtains

When the time for cleaning comes many home owners forget to take care of their curtains. I do not know why this is happening but it’s true. So, in this article I am going to share with you a few useful tips on how to clean curtains.

Basic Rules of Clothes Washing

When it comes to domestic cleaning chores, washing and laundering clothes is probably the easiest of them all. However, there are still certain basic rules and guidelines that should be followed whenever you are washing dirty clothes in order too achieve best results.

Earth Friendly Cleaning

I used to clean with commercial products like everyone else. Until I got a severe allergic reaction to one detergent, while cleaning my oven. That was a turning point for me and since then I only preform earth friendly cleaning.

Don’t Raise Dogs in Rented Properties

A lot of people living on rent want to have a dog in their rented properties, but their landlords don’t allow them to. Pets are wonderful, because they become your friends ad even part of your family, but they require a lot of cares and cause a lot of problems.

Five Easy Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

“We all spend a great deal of time in our office. But when it comes to cleaning, we usually think first of our kitchen or bathroom. But keeping our office clean and tidy is of equal importance. It will have several positive effects: the office will be free of bacteria and germs, the risks of read more »